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Mir, Wazir, Nazir and Pir

The lack of political development and absence of a struggle for rights and justice in Gilgit-Baltistan has paved the way for political demagogues to make inroads into the heartlands of masses. How to kick start a mature, informed,  and a stable political movment remains a key challenge. Without a process of deep engagement in social and poltical spheres we cannot expect that the full variety of huamn expericnes that stem from behvaiours of conflcit,and  cooperation would not see the light of the day. This is the stuff of political life. Politics is an arena where great intellectual battles can be fought and the result is the birth of great ideas. Devoid of political engagement in GB we have neither great heroes like Ayatoolah Khomeini in Iran, Napoleon in France and Mao in China. When will we be able to give birth to great leaders remains a key historical question.

When we attempted a unified struggle in the war of independence in 1948 we the poeple of GB were able to glimpse few great lights and also tasted some great epic momores. Ever since we are in complete ignorance and in a state of limbo. It is time now to say good bye to political demogogues who try to woo the public throguh the power of their rheotric and it is the time now to welcome men of ideas, practical men who want to transform our destiny. Brothers and sisters of GB, come and join us in our common struggle of emancipation from our oppressors.

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