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[News]One More Seat in Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) for Hunza

It appeared in the daily Dawn, 23 June 2009, that Syed Mehdi Shah, president Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Gilgit-Baltistan said that “additional Northern Areas Legislative Council Assembly (NALA) seat for Hunza would be part of a new package for the region.”

Currently Hunza has only one seat in the NALA, whereas Nagar with approximately same status of population and numbers have two seats, which adversely affect distribution of development funds for Hunza and remains disadvantaged. It is a long standing demand of the people to Hunza to allocate two seats in the NALA for over a decade but always it has been put under carpet with false promises by the successive rulers in Islamabad.

It was expected and several times in the media it was stated that before upcoming elections of 2009 of NALA, Hunza will be given its long deserved one more seat. However, the representative of PPP the current ruling party has indicated that Hunza will be once more deprived of its rights for funds and representation of its people in NALA for another four years. Who knows till what time the status quo will remain as more often this kind of political promises such as the said ‘New Package’ remained unfulfilled.

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  1. N Karim
    July 1, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Present government is strongly willing to give one more seat to Hunza but our representative Ghazenfer is using influence to keep status quo as he is afraid of losing seat from upper Hunza in forthcoming election. The people Hunza should not participate in the election if one more seat is not give.

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