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[Opinion]Tianmen Square of Uighur people?

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Xingjian Violence: The developing story

Image of modern China is that of a peaceful, tolerant and responsible emerging power. But the recent killing of 140 Uighur people is bound to if not challenge then at least distort that view. Six months ago Chinese authorities had brutally suppressed Dalai Lama’s followers in Tibet who were apparently demanding their cultural rights. While we know that radical economic reforms were introduced in late 1970s by the legendry Deng Xio Peng but political freedom remains as elusive as it ever was. Gradual economic openness and cautious steps taken in international trade has enabled China to lift up half of its poor people into productive moderate income earners, within just two decades.

Many travellers, tourists, businessmen and traders from Gilgit-Baltistan who go to Urumqui and Kashghar return home with fond memories. All of them have stories to tell that the pace of development in Xinkinag is very fast. They tell us that Chinese authorities are busy day and night building infrastructure for hospitals, education centres, roads, railways and recreation parks. Those of us who have not visited Kashgar or Urumqui despite the fact that these two cities are as far away from Gilgit as Rawalpindi and Lahore, remain fascinated from the success of Chinese statecraft.

Apparently the whole saga of killing and violence unfolded from a ‘false’ news item or a rumour that a Han Chinese had attacked Uighur women and raped her. This rumour led to unrest and inter-ethnic tensions which flared up to engulf both these communities. As we all know that the Chinese state is very powerful, ruthless and cannot tolerate any issues of law and order, and hence the rapid response. Police were deployed and they opened indiscriminate fire.

In solidarity with people killed in Urumqui there are reports of 200-300 people chanting Allah Ho Akbar (God is Great) outside a mosque in Kashgar, clearly alluding to their association with Islam and thus trying to give an impression of the Urumqui incidents as part of the ‘crackdown’ on global Islamist movements.

For us living in Gilgit-Baltistan the developing story remains of critical importance and we must monitor the events with great interest and as much scrutiny as possible.

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  1. Raja Karamat
    July 15, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Dear The Gilgit-Baltistan Post team
    I highly appreciat ur noble afforts and exelent work.

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