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[Photography] Images of Warmth, Compassion and Peace Amid War and Violence:

War is a tormenting state of affairs, and it suspends all normal feelings and supplants goodness of human nature with an urge for ‘irrational violence’. War and violence creates a group feeling and instills a sense of binary opposition across humanity. Take the example of Uighurs and Han Chinese in the recent bloodbath on the streets of Urumqui, Arabs and Jews in West Bank and Gaza, Iraqis and American forces in Baghdad, Shiites and Sunnis in Pakistan, all of them see each other as different species when they engage in violence despite their common humanity. But there are rare occasions in violent times when people forget everything else and only concentrate on daily activities, thinking as if nothing has happened.

The conflict between the Army and the various resistance groups that have coalesced to form Tehriki Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has resulted in 4.43 million individuals being displaced form their abodes. Among these a quarter of a million live in IDP camps set up by Pakhtunkhuwa Government’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU), but all the rest of them have chosen to seek refuge in host community populations, mostly in Swabi, Mardan, Nowshera, Peshawar and Charsada. These IDPS have opted not to go to the camps and instead have found shelter discreetly, often in the poorest neighbourhoods of unfamiliar communities, sometimes with friends and relatives and at times amid strangers in already crowded cities. It is so ironic that most of the host communities are themselves destitute and they themselves need humanitarian assistance.

One of our friends visited ‘war migrants’  and he has taken few photographs of people caught up in the recent mindless violence in the Swat, Buner, Mardan and the Frontier region. GBPost wishes to share few of these photographs for your reflection.

The photographer has to say the following:

‘‘In May I was in Pakistan looking after my father’s hospitalization. Towards the end of my visit, I visited Mardan and Takhtbai to look at the situation of people coming from Swat escaping the clash between military and Pakistani Taliban. The government of Pakistan calls these people IDPs, which stands for Internally Displaced People.

Most of the photographs that have been appearing in the media portray these people in such a way as to evoke a feeling of pity among the viewers. I hope my photographs do not evoke a feeling of pity!

We are all to some extent “Eternally” displaced people. ‘’ Rafiq Ajani

If you are interested in discovering the issues raised above, at a more deeper level, we suggest that readers should consult Jonathan Glover’s book Humanity, a moral history of the 20th century. Click the following link to read few excerpts


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