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[Press review] Girl (aged 11 years) moves court for divorce in Gilgit

GILGIT, July 21: An eleven-year-old girl, who was forced to marry a man, reached a local court and sought divorce, officials said here on Tuesday. Fairoza requested the court to save her life as her husband, Noor Mohammad, a resident of Jaglote, and mother-in-law were torturing her on daily basis.

Officials said that the girl told the court that she had been facing physical torture for a long time. She reportedly said that her mother had taken Rs10,000 for the marriage from the accused who was now demanding Rs60,000 to get a divorce. She told the court that during torture her teeth were broken and nails were removed. The court handed over the girl to a local family under police escort till settlement of the case.

The police said a case had been registered against Noor Mohammad and his father but they had been disappeared. Police were conducting raids to arrest the accused. [Source]

This is a tip of an iceberg; domestic violence on women is one of the common violent phenomenons in the area under guises of tradition and perceived religious rights of man which are neither acceptable under decent humanity nor permitted in religion. Removal of domestic violence and discriminatory behaviour against women needs a comprehensive social mobilization of communities by using multiple sources and comunication channels, including mosques, schools, and media. It is hoped that the responsible organization and institution would take seriously needed efforts to promote women’s dignity, honour and rights where cases such as this and some time even worst could not happen again and again in the future. The Gilgit-Baltistan Post would establish a dedicated section for the cause of Women’s Development under Gender Empowerment Initiative where views of women, men, scholars and organizations would be provided a source of information to understand gender issues in the context of Gilgit-Baltistan linked with global research and make efforts to resolve the issue.

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