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[Ed-Opinion] A Generation Awakens This Time in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Comrade Hyder Abbas

A great civilization is not destroyed “Without” until it has destroyed itself “Within”

There is no one in Gilgit who does not condemn the brutal acts of killing innocent people including fathers whose kids’ loss their only source of a dignified living in the world and those beautiful kids are forced to have lives of orphans and their kind mothers as widows.  Nothing could be more brutal than killing a human being. Whenever I meet people in Gilgit they just curse those terrorists, who are deteriorating our homeland by creating a heinous environment around Gilgit. Everyone wants those terrorists to be hanged in the Chowk, but no on is ready to help security agencies. An important question arises here, if everyone wants peace, if no one is happy of being trapped in his/her home, if all the people like to live with harmony, if you want peace, if I refuse to spread violence, then who is behind all this, who is the culprit? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Well, my dear brothers and sisters that terrorist is nowhere but inside our own body, it’s me, you and all of us. This is our dilemma; we just put the whole blame on the shoulders of an unknown creature, which has nothing to do with it. We the Gilgities always like to blame agencies, tell me, and how can a person who works for an intelligence agency can reach up to our doorsteps and opens fire on us? Definitely a black sheep among us who is cowardice, greedy and brutal could only do these bloody acts of killing innocent people.

We the Baloristanis are still sleeping, we are not capable of thinking on all the aspects of any incident which takes place in Gilgit, we just can’t imagine how important it is to stay alert and fully prepared for any challenge that could come in our way in this dynamic and unpredictable world. If we continue to act carelessly and deal with challenges half heartedly which are emerging in our homeland, soon we are going to be wiped out of the map of the world and will be walking in the Kachi-Abadis of Islamabad, carrying our luggage on our shoulders. Because our alacrity towards devastation is far faster than the nations who are no more on the map of the world, as they’re destroyed by their own hands. It’s not just a battle we’re fighting; we are digging graves for our coming generations. They are going to loath words of curse on us, and there will be no salvation in the world after here, especially for the people like us. It’s very necessary to understand, that future of Gilgit-Baltistan depends a lot on our efforts and struggle for our nation.  Our little deeds of negligence are going to cost very high for our up-coming generation, so are we going to think over it?

In my opinion, the responsibility is now on the shoulders of our well aware youth, especially the students enrolled in different institutions of Gilgit-Baltistan. Unfortunately due to the non serious behaviour of the dummy politicians of Gilgit-Baltistan, our youth has to indulge themselves in politics and other social matters. With the grace of Allah almighty, Gilgit-Baltistan’s youth are gifted with patriotism, virtuous nature, sincerity, loyalty, courage and unity and strength. No matter, what a person roaming on the streets of Gilgit is thinking, it’s students whose thinking matters a lot. Some nationalist organizations are performing a holly task of promoting peace and harmony amongst the students belonging to various cultural and religious groups. One of the their’s recent achievements is to avert a possible bloodshed over the issue of recent wall chalking in Degree College Jutial, this was a nationalist organization which came in between two rival groups and solved the issue peacefully, all the students regardless of their division, unanimously denied the damn act of cowardice, and termed those elements as the enemies of our motherland, who perform such acts. If a nationalist organization was not there! What would have had happened in Degree College Jutial!! Same is the case of Karakoram International University, where now there is no chance of any type  of religious brawl, as it was happening every now and then in the past.

There are some forces who always wanted to spread hatred and revulsion amongst our youth, and want to break us into various devilish groups by promoting and supporting conflicting ideology among the youth. Nationalist organizations are struggling to organize Gilgit-Baltistan’s youth under one platform where they could have opportunities to know each other and learn how to recognize the combined enemy, and how to beat him by the weapon of knowledge and education. It’s my heartiest wish that everyone from our lands should join nationalists to gain a cause, to show the rest of the world that we are not sleeping, to tell them about our civilization. We people of Gilgit-Baltistan  are a nation, we are like a family, we don’t fight for money, we know how to protect our lands, the legal proof of our being a modern nation state is well described in the copies of  UNO’s charter for India-Pakistan 1948, we know SSR is still there, and we’ll not sit with comfort unless and until we change this cruel system and forced occupation. We we’ll no longer be the last colony of the world.  These people who try to maintain colonial rule have seeded the curse of sectarianism completely strange for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan till 1980s, our forefathers didn’t even think that, belonging to a different sects or school of thoughts could be an issue of fighting and manslaughter. We have a 4000 years old history, we are a civilized nation, we were a civilized nation, we never fought over casts or sects, we respected gender differences and honoured our women in all walks of life, Dadi Jawari a women has ruled over Gilgit, we made our cities, we cultivated our lands, when the nations around us were living in dark ages, our forefathers built a great civilization among the nations across the world, so there is no reason to keep us deprived of our Legal Rights today.  Think my brothers and sisters; this is the right moment for thinking and awakening to get the rights which we the great people of Gilgit-Baltistan deserve.

We want to convey a message of feeling fear in their hearts, and caution in their mind, trepidation in their souls and fever in their bodies those who want create chaos and divide us because, “This Time a Generation is Awaken”

The writer is a student of Karakorum International University, Gilgit-Baltistan and a socio-political activist.

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  1. Karim Baig
    September 2, 2009 at 3:35 am

    Hyder Abbas has well described and clearly shows the feeling of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan who’s family members and relatives have been brutally murdered by the heinous agents of divide and rule in our region. No one in our beloved homeland of Gilgit-Baltistan wants to fight on the name of Islam, either Suni, shia, Ismaili or Noorbakhshi, we are all borthers and sisters who lived in peace and love together for centuries. Why now suddenly we have become enemies of each other? No No we are not enemies of each other and will never be enemies of each other we are one family and one nation. Let the outsiders be given a harsh slap on their faces who as agents of exterior forces in the region provoke manslaughter and don’t want us to be united. Great Hyder Abbas, many people of the Gilgit-Baltistan would be with you!!!

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