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[News] Nazir Sabir Demanding Additional Seats for Hunza, Ghizer and Shigar

By: Ali (Islamabad)

In a communiqué by Nazir Sabir, the world renown mountaineer and once elected representative of Northern Areas Assembly (NALA) from 1998 to 2001, who made history by first ever defeating the Mir of Hunza in the election and ending the continuity of Ayashkuch, 900 years long  rule over the state of Hunza said that, “While we rejoice our identity back, and only a tiny part of the well deserved political rights along with rest of the people of Gilgit – Baltisatn, yet again the people of Hunza, Ghizar and Shigar remain deprived of additional constituencies […] so, We [people of Hunza, Ghizar and Shigar] strongly demand our right to two seats in the provincial assembly before the elections”.

The demand for two seats in the legislative assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan is a long standing demand which is lingering since last three elections and the authorities in Islamabad stonewalled against this highly justifiable demand is now touching its limits. If people in Hunza, Ghizer and Shigar boycott the elections it would be a high level challenge for the Government in Islamabad and it would further the causes of many opposing factors to Islamabad.

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  1. Rashid
    August 31, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    I fully support respectable Nazir Sabir. There is no doubt we need two seats. The government of Pakistan has already done enough injustice by keeping the inhabitants of the area waiting for their rights for over sixty years. Now when the decision has come it needs to be just and reflective of the aspirations of people.

  2. Nadeen
    September 2, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    The genuine voice and concern of Nazir Sabir represents the true feelings of Hunza Valley at large. Although the people of Hunza rejoice the tiny bit of the much awaited political rights and more than that the relief for revival of the historical identity of the region as Gilgit and Baltistan with our brethren across the northern belt.

    It is a pity we the people of Hunza have a very weak memory. Even the ignorant voters of Ghazani know but ashamed to admit the criminal negligence he committed two decades ago when he was the representative while favoring his maternal relationships and pleasing his masters. We will never forget he was the one who deprived the Hunzukutz by refusing to go along with the proposal of the then government to form a new constituency including lower part of Hunza and Nagar to fulfill his evil selfish motives.

    Later again at a very large gathering organized by Mr. Nazir Sabir at the opening of the FG College ground Aliabad when Federal Minister Majeed Malik was about to announce the rightful constituency for Hunza on the demand of Mr. Nazir Sabir in his welcome address. Over 6000 people are a witness it was Ghazanfar who whispered into the ears of the minister just before his speech sitting next requesting him not to announce it or it would go to a PPP credit! He succeeded while we people of Hunza remain neglected and yet again we mourn these two tragedies and cruel legacies of the Ghazani era with the Hunza valley.

    Besides don’t we all know how many times the former dictator Musharraff visited the so called mir’s palace for which they often take the pride of even going to the extent of claiming relatinships. The people of Hunza would like to ask the so called mir and his stooges and advisers like the self declared communist Aman ullah Khan as to what stopped them them from asking the dictator to allocate this rightful constituency for Hunza from him instead for begging for writing off their illegal hefty loans and demanding liquor permits.

    Therefore all those slaves who have been supporting for Ghazani are equally responsible for this injustice to the people of Hunza. Don’t you still feel ashamed for who you so often vote!!

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