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[NEWS] Foreign Office of Pakistan Considers the Pacakage Nothing More than Seperation of Two Division

By: Comerade Hyder Abbas

(ISLAMABAD) Package drama Unveils, as the Pakistan’s foreign office briefed Kashmiri leadership on Gilgit-Baltistan issue today. It was clearly said that objective of this package is just the division of two commissionaires in Gilgit and Baltisatn. This is a ruthless joke with a nation

  ‘The President of Azad Kashmir Raja Zulqarnain, Prime Minister Sardar Yaqoob, opposition leader Sardar Atiq Khan, former Prime Minister Sardar Sikandar Hyatt, leaders of Hurriyat Conference and other leaders and officials of Federal ministry for Kashmir Affairs and northern areas attended the briefing.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi briefed the Kashmiri leadership about reasons for the formation of Gilgit-Baltistan division, its objectives and administrative structure.

Foreign minister also briefed the participants’ government of Pakistan’s strategy for the resolution of Kashmir issue. There will be one commissioner, two deputy commissioners in Gilgit-Baltistan division whereas a notification of 60 officials for administration has already been issued.

Many political, social and student leaders and the citizens of G-B have strictly denounced these acts of deception and fraud by government of Pakistan. Talking to the forum famous nationalist and political leader of G-B Col. Nadir Hassan Khan, Adv. Ehsan Ali, Eng. Amannlah and Ali Hyder Taj have said that all the decisions regarding G-B should be made with the consent of the people of G-B and it should be based on the historical and political context and in accordance with the UNCIP’s resolution of 13th Aug 1947. Pakistan is inducing such packages on innocent people of G-B by force. He said, UN has clearly declared that there should be a separate, full-fledged and sovereign state in G-B which will have its own local government, defence, judiciary and a constitution. So, packages like these have no legal ground at all, and dramas like this are no more than a tool to legalize their illegal occupation. Pakistan’s government wants to convince international communities that G-B has been given that position where they have gained all those privileges which they have to have according to the UNO’s charters of 13th Aug 1947 and 5th January 1948, but in reality government is imposing a Non-local governor, despite the fact that Pakistani’s already got many governors in shape of Chief Secretary, FCNA and IGP.  The people of G-B strongly condemn these kinds of blatant actions which are aimed to insulate a nation which is totally disputed and whose future is to be determined by their own will.’

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