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[NEWS] Long March from Hunza to Gilgit

By:Rehmat Khan.

Hunza: The Hunza Action Committee has decided to Long March from Hunza to Gilgit,  in a consultative meeting after the announcement of Mr. Kaira that ‘it is not an appropriate time for an additional seat for Hunza’. The leaders belonging to various walks of life decided regarding a long march to demand an additional seat for Hunza, as it was notified at the time of President Pervez Musharaf’s government, however, the PPP’s reform package of Gilgit-Baltistan has abolished it. In this connection a highly successful really was already held in Hunza, further relies are planned in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore by the people belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan.

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  1. Nasirabadi
    September 13, 2009 at 7:42 am

    There should be do or die for the independency of Hunza.

    The Hunza people are born for rule not to become a slave of punjabi.

    If not additional seat for hunza then we should declare indepenndent state that seperate from PK


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