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Billions of dollars promised for Afghan reconstruction:

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

An international conference on Afghanistan, hosted by the British government and the United Nations took place at Lancaster House in London on 29th January. Attended by more than sixty countries and other international organisations including the Aga Khan Development Network, the conference reached important conclusions on the future of Afghanistan. The delegates promised 1.5 billion USD for the reconstruction of the country and re-integration of former combatants into mainstream society. The discussions and deliberations in this one-day conference revolved around three key themes: security, development, governance.
There was agreement that the ISAF forces would invite those Taliban for talks who want to renounce violence, and agree to participate in the democratic processes of the country in a peaceful manner. These people will be rewarded financially for doing so, however such initiatives were also criticized by Afghan human rights activists on the grounds that this will further deepen corruption in the country. ”Instead of offering bribes’. Wahma Khalili said while talking to this scribe, ”the international community should address the causes of the resurgence of Taliban, and their sustained commitment to engage foreign troops in this bloody struggle for so long.”
Alongside this conference there were news reports that the United Nations has been in contact with Taliban leadership and they have held secret meetings in Dubai and other places, in which element of Taliban leadership has indicated the possibility of talking with the representatives of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

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