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(VIEW) Irony! Battle of man with Nature

Attabad: Hunza Life is full of ironies. The devastating landslide that blocked Hunza river on January 4 2010 has now slowly grown into a stunningly beautiful lake.

Fun Birds

Already sea birds have started hovering over the lake-water, and some people visit the site just for fun as well. The landslide killed at least 15 people and has slowly displacing many more in the wake of its expansion, submerging Karakorum Highway, engulfing the precious agricultural land, thus creating an unprecedented crises in Hunza. Yet there are ways to convert a crises into an opportunity, and man has always struggled with Nature to convert its challenges into opportunities for human progress and advancement. As a matter of fact, dam construction is a costly, and time-consuming activity. It requires years of planning, allocation of budgets and resources and above all it requires political will to take the initiative and begin the process of construction and development. This natural dam has solved all the problems at once, and this natural dame cum lake can be preserved..But again it will require a great deal of collective sacrifice, and a willingness to accept risk for greater rewards later in the future.

The Strange Look

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  1. Gulistan
    April 13, 2010 at 11:28 am

    It is a great initative to share ideas and information about Gilgit-Baltistan!!!

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