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Art and the spirit of life.

Is the life that we live meaningful? Why do we live? Socrates states that an ‘’unexamined life is not worth living’’, should we than conclude that quiet reflection would lead us to places where we could find a sense, a real purpose in life. If the result of Socratic reflection leads us to nowhere: than what?

Is the life just about good food, good dress, good looks and satisfying other bodily and emotional needs? Is it about love… or maybe it is just about nothing. In search for greater wisdom in life, and to develop an ability to form an interpretive community of ‘valued’ individuals let us look around.

We invite our readers to try and interpret a famous painting by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya who had once left his home to live in a desolate place. Convinced of the inhumanity of humans, the immorality of moral beings, and the frenzied violence all around he painted pictures that shows and demonstrates something of value to us. Here in this picture he has painted a ‘lonely dog’ that is barking into darkness.

The Dog

Francisco Goya

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