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The great double game

Pakistan is in the midst of storm and completely engulfed by a disasters both man-made and also natural. Thomas Friedman a New York Times columnist writes so perceptively about our problems and how we can sort them out. Only if the Pakistani policymakers were to listen.

”Pakistan, 63 years after its founding, still exists not to be India. The Pakistani Army is obsessed with what it says is the threat from India — and keeping that threat alive is what keeps the Pakistani Army in control of the country and its key resources. The absence of either stable democracy in Pakistan or a decent public education system only swells the ranks of the Taliban and other Islamic resistance forces there. Pakistan thinks it must control Afghanistan for “strategic depth” because, if India dominated Afghanistan, Pakistan would be wedged between the two.

Alas, if Pakistan built its identity around its own talented people and saw its strategic depth as the quality of its schools, farms and industry, instead of Afghanistan, it might be able to produce a stable democracy — and we wouldn’t care about Pakistan’s nukes any more than India’s.”

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  1. Dude
    September 18, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Didn’t find any mention of a double game in that quote from Friedman. And who isn’t playing double games in that region? Karzai pleads for US tax-payer dollars bit ships them off to his family and cronies in Dubai and tries to majes deals with the Taliban. India wants to be USA’s #1 ally but plays a major role in destabilizing Afghanistan and Pakistan thus underming US objectives in both countries. US says Pak is a frontline ally yet makes nuclear deals with its arch-enemy India. Those who idealize Friedman won’t know about all this. Truth is that one man’s double-game is another’s national interest strategy.

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