Ideas for Development

Human beings in the entire history of the existence have both affected and been affected by the nature. There is a growing realization in the informed and civilized world regarding complexities on global level regarding atmospheric pollution or global warming.


Human have lost much of what is valued about environment and much have also been preserved and protected through his actions. For the good of all we in Gilgit-Baltistan have to contribute our share in protecting what is valued for us and generations to come. Interaction between human and environment has constantly changed in our part of the world where people much more directly dependent on natural sources. The complexities will exist always regarding how best to deal with the environment and natural resources around the naturally rich and beautiful mountain region of Gilgit-Baltistan.  We much always be ready to tradeoffs, unintended or unanticipated consequences, however, creating awareness, engaged adovocacy and well-managed environmental policies could provide goods and services that are unavoidable for social wellbeing and economic development of the region and world. Our region is being one of the most naturally beautiful destinations of the world gravitates thousands of people each year from around the world as tourist which provide economic opportunities for the people of the Gilgit-Baltistan. We the people oare benefitting from the natural beauty of our beloved Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, it is our duty to protect it as well.


local leaders

It is pleasing to notice that our youth and social and political leaders are aware of the situation and have taken lead in creating awareness campaigns on protecting and preserving environment.  Here below Raja Karamatullah Khushwaqt a well known social and political leader is leading environment day campaign in Gilgit city.

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