Sprituality, Culture and Society

Islamic art_learningOn this page you will find material for discussion about religious and cultural themes. We will seek to discuss the nature of society, the pursuit of justice, and struggle for preserving our heritage in Gilgit-Baltistan. Our region is rich in terms of languages spoken, poetry produced, music and dance forms and also in terms of culinary styles and habits of dress and discussion. While we believe that culture is always in flux and susceptible to change taking in new elements and molding them according to the tastes, and sensibilities of peoples but we also firmly believe that our historic legacy must also be upheld and preserved. We are not aiming to bring about a ‘cultural revolution’ but we certainly encourage a culture where rationality, philosophical reflection and the diversity of human expression is celebrated. We understand that religion is a key element of culture providing a ceasless reservoir of moral and practical vaues therefore we would encourage open debates on expressions of religious life in Gilgit-Baltistan.

While virtually all of the people living in GB are Muslims but they practice the three major sects of Islam: Twevler Shii, Shia Imami Ismaili, and Sunni.  Infact, the great religion of Islam has always taught the virtues of peace, justice and equity in society but unfortunately contemporary Muslims have locked not only themselves in sectarian battles but also the world at large. Largely this violence stems from an intolerant behaviour towards others. This intolerance is theshahada on a mosque result of lack of open dialogue and also because of lack of freedom of expression in the Muslim world, a reality also recognised by 2002 Arab Human Development Report (AHDR), published by United Nations Development Program. Sadly the crisis of an intellectual, and schoalrly approach towards Islam has its consequencs in GB region as well, where sinseter external elements have attempted to use sectarian divides to forment social unrest and in the process diffuse political unity of the people of GB. On this blog we are intending to initiate a sincere discussion on key religious issues so that all of our participants learn from each other but in the process actually remove their mutual incomprehension and mistrust. In fact, we invite just every bdoy, prince or pauper, local or national or even international, to participate in our discussions.

GBPost Team would welcome Sunni muftis, Shii sheikhs, Ismaili waezeen and secular intellectuals to come together toQuran manuscript throw a shining light in an open environment of sincere debate that helps us understand ‘the world as it is’.

Let us remember the great Qur’anic injunction about the beauty of human diversity:

”We have created you male and female, and appointed you nations and tribes, that you may come to know each other” Q26:13

If you wish to contribute anything in relation to this initiative please feel free to let us know at the following email, we would like our religion to serve as a bond between all of us, not as an opium for us to engage in mindless violence. Ameen


GBPost Team

  1. Maliyar land of Herros
    November 6, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Dear all

    plz pzrticipate activly in culture section to aware people

    Mir M A Shafa

  2. ather
    March 21, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Before I started sharing my thoughts, i request all of you to just take it easy, as i hate debating for the sake of debating to prove that I know more than any other body in GB.

    Here i go:

    In reallity, we all are human beings. we all believe on Allah, one Quran and one religion. But in reality, we do belive on local culture, cutstoms and supernatural things arround religion that are sometime more poweful driving forces that religion itself,

    Unfortunately, we fight and then blame on yahood, hanoon, usa, uk, irasel and whatever we thing better to blame. We spent years and centuries to prove that we are one nation, but in reality we are not. We are different tribes and only bonding force is Islam and that we share a piece of land and similar set of problems associated with it.

    The problem is that we try to build on castlte on air and don’t focusing on the main binding force which is the ultimate end for all over struggle and for submissions.

    The other problme is that we are not progressives, we are working on retrogression by following a blind history which has been outdates and have no more validity for us. Bilawaristaan, Karakorumistan, etc, what it means, did we got this teachings from Islam or from any other religion? Ok, we got a name, then what, what is next, do we stop fighting with each other due to pitty differences.

    I don;t want to quote here who did what, as it is again histroy and the debate who did wrong will again drag us into not endign debate.

    I consider following step relevent to our all struggles:

    – Struggle till the area gets a status of a province of Pak.
    – Creation of a condusive environment where culprits are punished at their homes, villages or by the courts of the GB.
    – Development, Education, Development , Education, Development, Development, as we are living in between three super-powers and that may ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    – Fight for common rights, like water, tourism, health, education, etc.
    – Fight for our own right first, then we fight for injustice ealse where in the world, as if we take other issues then we can only cry for it.
    – A much better GT road network through GB and a motor way lining GB with the rest of country.
    – Establishment of engineering and medical Universites in GB.
    – Establishment of Industires.
    – Establishment of full fledge tourism in NAs.

    We often demand the same mentioned above, but since we are not united so we fail. Therefore, I repeat that better muslims never fight, a nation can’t florish, where poor and week are treated like animals.

    Despite some grave problem the GB has potential to grow, but it has some conditions that peopl learn to respect and start logical and human thinking. We should return to normal, otherwise Allah knows how to do deal with such communiities who kill each other. Many examples arround the world, Quran Karim may azam ka zikar sirif hawalay k leyea nahi ,,azab ata hay, ata raha hay, aaraha hay,,,,aachuka hay oar aye ga…

    Take care of yourself.

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